ND Republicans: Stand down- rethink oil tax cut

Oil RigsThe Republican Party Leadership with its super majority in the Legislature and complete control of State Government is dead set on political pay back to their large out of state corporate contributors and doing it with our state revenue.  They need to stand down and rethink the havoc they are legislating on North Dakota.  Their approach is simple misguided.  The Republican record so far is neither North Dakota business nor family friendly:

  • Denying low income children a carton of milk while giving 10 out of state corporations $45 million in tax breaks.
  • Walking us backwards on discrimination.
  • Passing legislation that will give 82% of tax relief to 50% of out of state companies.
  • North Dakota has now dropped from No. 2 to 19 in “wellbeing”.
  • North Dakota ranks 2nd in the Nation for workforce injuries.
  • Our communities are seeing downgrades in bond ratings.

Republican insistence on reducing the oil extraction tax at this time is simple wrong.  Industry will drill 30 to 40,000 more wells and we have only drilled upwards of 5,000 wells with devastating impacts and upwards of $5 billion to $8 billion in public needs.  Our citizens and businesses deserve to have these public improvements fixed first.

Public infrastructure is in dismal disrepair, businesses struggle daily to keep up with demand, lines are the norm for food, medical services, and routine public services, our local public officials are stressed out, our daycare system is in crisis, a housing crisis that has now reached to working homeless families, after seven years of republican control we have an incomprehensible problem with solid waste, fracking water, liquids, chemicals and now toxic radioactive waste disposal issues.

Republicans have had seven years and hundreds of millions of dollars to get ahead of energy development.  They have failed.  So far this legislative session they are making a travesty out of governance.  It appears there may be more measures on the ballot than candidates in 2014.

The citizens of North Dakota are signaling a desire for two-party governance.  The Democratic Party is energized, organized and committed to a very competitive election in 2014 and a full fledged discussion about which party best represents the interest of North Dakota citizens and our business community.


I would like to hear your thoughts.  Is it time for a more balanced legislature?  Are the impacts in Western North Dakota being adequately solved?  Is the “wellbeing” of our state in decline?

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