Leadership Idea for North Dakota – Natural Gas for Every Community

natural gasLet’s develop a strategic plan to bring natural gas to every incorporated community in ND and our Native American Reservations.

A key element to successful economic growth is reasonable priced energy. Natural gas provides one of the most cost effective forms of energy to drive economic expansion. It is abundant in North Dakota. It is certainly reasonable priced. It is relative clean compared to other forms of energy and the time is right to form a coalition of public and private interests to solve this problem.

I believe this is an idea worth pursuing. We have the largest energy play in North America. We are scratching our heads to find a way to use natural gas and will we spend time and energy trying to figure out how to ship it out of state we should, at a minimum have strategy that guarantees every community and reservation, has access to natural gas as we work to ship it out of state for national and foreign use.

Will it take leadership? Will it be risky? will it be difficult? will it require substantial capital investment? You bet it will. But look at the benefits and opportunities it will create to grow our state and help diversify our economy.

The time is right from a political perspective, technological aspect, need and economic perspective.

The idea needs political champions who are willing to step up and take a leadership role in getting the right players together to assess the need, define the obstacles and then chart a course for success. the concept is ripe for federal participation, tribal involvement, community leader involvement, private industry interest and state officials leadership. Such an initiative could be a unique private public partnership benefiting both the private and public sectors.

Instead of counting pennies maybe we should be thinking about how our communities can growth with permanent long term diversified economic opportunities. A small but vital resource to achieve such goals is reasonable priced energy. Why not natural gas to every community in North Dakota and our reservations?

I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on this leadership initiative. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.