Oil Field Workers are 21st Century Pioneers

Oil Workers are PioneersLet’s begin 2012 by recognizing that those who work in the oil field are making a tremendous contribution to the wealth and prosperity of North Dakota. We shouldn’t be building wedges. We should be thanking them and building infrastructure, social and cultural services to accommodate them rather than figuring out ways to shun them and run them out of town.

Over a century ago North Dakota witnessed an influx of pioneers dedicated to taming the soil of the Great Plains to feed a hungry nation and the world. Today young,energetic, adventurous seeking oil field workers are coming to North Dakota as a new generation of pioneers committed to taming the shale far below the top soil of this bountiful land of ours. They are coming by the hundreds and thousands and we can be proud of their commitment and dedication to help unleash the riches of the earth to be shared by North Dakotans and our Nation. They have already unleashed 500,000 barrels a day. North Dakota is now the fourth largest oil producing state in the nation and on its way to being number 3. With 200 rigs operating the growth is breath taking. They are 21st century pioneers. Continue reading

Welcome to My Leadership Development Blog

I’m looking forward to initiating discussions in 2012 on a wide range of leadership issue relating to politics, public service, community engagement and the importance of becoming active in our communities and the political process.

You will gain insight, learn techniques, and become more empowered to be a leader in your community. We will discuss what’s wrong, what’s right, and how to change the current political processes at all levels of governance.

We will have a “how to” discussion on winning strategies for elective office whether it be partisan or non-partisan.

Many of our discussions will be focused on how we can make our communities better in terms of quality of place and sustainability in the 21st century.

You will learn how governing bodies operate and how you can influence decisions at the local, state and federal level of government.

It will be enjoyable,educational, practical, knowledge based and most important you will be empowered to give back to your community and enjoy participating in the political process.

Our Democracy will only survive if each and everyone of us is willing to participte. Let’s learn together the techniques to winning back our government.

Are you with me? I hope so! The success of our country depends on each and eveyone of us participating in a helpful, positive and proactive way.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to sharing with you my 45 years experience in public governance.